5 Reasons why you need an agent when buying new builds

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Don’t be swayed by the smell of fresh paint or the sparkle of something brand new – buying a new home is as challenging and complex as any real estate transaction. You’ll need to translate the builders contract with all the specific points or make sure the translation they give you is correct, avoid (possibly) unnecessary home improvements that the builder will try to offer you, and ultimately have faith that the construction site shown early in the process will one day be a warm and comfortable home. Hiring an unbiased real estate agent can take the stress and hassle out of each of these considerations.

The value of hiring a REMAX agent:

1. Helping  you understand the paperwork of a new build;

The contracts of a new build property differ from developer to developer and are often very favorable to developers. Although in most cases it is not possible to change the contract details, a REMAX agent can put you in touch with a local legal expert to guide you .

A REMAX agent can work together with your legal expert to go through the contract and point out any potential issues to the sales rep. A good agent will also know the right time to involve a lawyer, as well as when to let things go. This will not only save money on legal representation, but will also keep the relationship with the promoter right for as long as possible.

Without the help of a real estate agent or lawyer, you can agree to some undesirable terms such as:

-Using poor quality building materials without your knowledge

-Construction delays with no end date in sight

-An unreasonable payment schedule

-Changes in scope of work

-Give up your right to legal resources in the event of a disagreement

2. Agents separate your needs from your wants

Selecting so many different aspects for your home can seem like a pretty exciting project, and it is actually one of the main reasons people choose to buy a brand new home, but remember this is where builders / developers can get the most of their benefit from. There are many upgrades that the builder / developer will offer you that can be easily done for a lower cost.

Here are some examples of upgrades that will not add a great value to your home, but will allow the builder to add extra costs on top of the property price:

·        Light fixtures

·         Mouldings

·         Door knobs

·         Countertops

·         Mirrors


3. Maintain good communication with the builder / developer

Staying in regular contact with the builder can be a time-consuming task. Having a REMAX agent will give you peace of mind. A good agent will go the extra mile to give you updates themselves of  photos taken from the progress of the building in case your builder is silent for a while.

A REMAX agent will also provide you with valuable information about the construction process. Maybe you’ve worked with builders before, maybe they can tell you about other similar builds and ease any potential tension before it arises. But a REMAX agent can give you useful information due to the knowledge of the area, not only about the new build itself, but also about the facilities surrounding you,  ready for your new life in the neighborhood after the move.

4. The agent is an expert in the area

When it comes to a new build, real estate agents will be able to provide you with knowledge of all the builders / developers in the area, as well as the history behind each of them. An agent can tell you how much a house costs in that area and the prices of the new builds . A REMAX agent, as a defender of your interests, will tell you if the price is too high, not only for the purchase but also regarding any extras that the promotor lets you choose.

5. A professional agent who has your interests as a priority

It may be that everything goes according to plan, in which case great! However, it is good to know that you have an experienced real estate professional on your side. If you want to make sure your home purchase goes smoothly, consider hiring a REMAX Agent. You will be happy for the services we can provide you even when unexpected problems arise!



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